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Changing old habits

Chris GrayChanging old habits

by Chris Gray, owner of Wollaton Dental Care in Nottingham

Like many of my colleagues, I do not regularly change the brand of instruments used every day in my practice, but when Nova Dental Instruments suggested that I 'test drive' its range of hand held periodontal instruments I was interested to see what I would discover.

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Place your composites with confidence


Nova’s Titanium Nitride Instruments are a superb range of composite placement, sculpting and contouring instruments that have been developed to markedly reduce resin stickiness making composite application far easier and quicker. The nitride coating provides a virtually non-stick and non-scratch surface meaning that the composite will stay exactly where you place it without pulling away from the tooth surface.

The thin and exceptional flexibility of these instruments make composite contouring and characterisation readily achievable. To allow for personal preference, each pattern is available in a choice of 3 handles – solid round, hollow round or solid octagonal. All are lightweight and perfectly balanced to help prevent hand fatigue.

As with the range of Nova Instruments, Titanium Nitride Instruments are made in the UK by skilled craftsmen to exceptionally high standards at economical prices.

Whatever your choice of pattern, Nova Instruments are sure to have the perfect composite placement instrument for you.

Quality and value

Nova Instruments will make your working day more pleasurable. Constructed from the finest quality stainless steel by experienced precision engineers, Nova instruments are made to exacting standards.

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Testimonial from Dr Amarjit Gill

Amarjit GillTestimonial from Dr Amarjit Gill

With aesthetic dentistry on the increase many of us upgrade the materials and techniques we use to get better results. How many have upgraded the instruments though? I suspect very few have. I know of no lecturers that talk about this and struggle to recall articles that are written about them.

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Silicone handle instruments

Periodontal work can be very demanding. The new range of periodontal instruments from Nova can help. They feature silicone handles to provide a reliable and comfortable grip, and are very well balanced for excellent levels of control. The silicone handles are fully autoclavable and ergonomically designed and there is a wide choice of colours for easy identification.

Nova offers a wide variety of instrument patterns to suit each dentist's and dental hygienist's precise needs and working preferences: 

  • Sickle Scaler 204 S
  • Sickle Scaler H6/H7
  • Gracey Curettes 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12 & 13/14
  • Sickle Scaler CI 2/3
  • Curette M23
  • Sickle Scaler H5/33
  • Sickle Scaler U15/30
  • Sickle Scaler U15/33
  • Columbia Curettes 2L/2R, 4L/4R, & 13/14
  • Jaquette Scalers 2/3 & 2S/3S
  • Langer Curettes 1/2, 3/4 & 5/6
  • McCall Curettes 13/14, 13S/14S, 17/18 & 17S/18S
  • McFarlane Scalers 0/1, 2/3 & 4/5

Like all Nova instruments, the periodontal range with silicone handles is manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen in the UK using the finest quality stainless steels, and then heat treated for top performance. Offering stringent quality assurance at every stage for optimum reliability and long life, they are also very competitively priced.

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