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Handle options

Nova offers instruments with a range of handle designs to suit your exact needs. The handles available for each specific instrument are indicated in the printed and online catalogues.

All Nova handle types and instruments are fully autoclavable for total hygiene within the surgery. See the Care & Decontamination Guidelines for more information.


Stainless steel handles


Stainless steel handles are available in the following variants:

  • Round extra-fine (RF) solid single ended
  • Round extra-fine (RF) solid double ended
  • Round regular (R) solid single ended
  • Round regular (R) solid double ended
  • Round 8mm hollow (H) double ended
  • Octagonal (O) single ended
  • Octagonal (O) double ended

Silicone handles


Silicone handles with alloy inserts (S) are designed to provide a reliable and comfortable grip. They are very well balanced and egonomically designed for excellent levels of control, and available in 7 different colours for easy identification.


Mirror handles


Nova provides a selection of handles for use with dental mirrors.

  • Ergo-Form (standard socket) 
  • Round (standard socket)
  • Round (cone socket)
  • Octagonal (standard socket)
  • Octagonal (cone socket)
  • Deluxe (standard socket)
  • Black Plastic (standard socket)
  • Green Plastic (standard socket)
  • Blue Plastic (standard socket)
  • Blue Plastic (cone socket)
  • Red Plastic (standard socket)
  • Red Plastic (cone socket)

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