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Event calendar

Every year, Nova exhibits at major events across the globe, allowing end users to see for themselves the quality and wide range we offer. We also frequently recruit new dealers at these exhibitions in territories not yet covered by our dealer network.

Here's where we will be over the next few months...

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Nova currently has no vacancies available.

About Us

dent_03Ask any astronomer what nova means to them, and they'll tell you it's a "new star". This is an entirely appropriate name for the Nova range of dental instruments, because they are set to become the new stars in surgeries across the world. They offer excellent quality at very competitive prices, driven by a commitment to craftsmanship and excellent service.

"Nova insists on meticulous attention to detail and stringent quality assurance at every stage," says Managing Director Karen Turner. "We invest in the latest technologies and systems and our team also works very closely with our European material suppliers for consistent standards." The result is a range of instruments that are totally dependable, at prices that eliminate the need for dentists to look for cheaper, lesser quality alternatives.

Nova offers dentists a wide variety of single and double-ended hand instruments, including explorers, carvers, scalers, instruments for composites, curettes, burnishers, measuring probes and pluggers. A choice of round, octagonal, silicone and resin handles is available. The Nova range also includes extraction forceps, elevators, tweezers, scissors, needle holders, clamps, hemostats and other instruments such as syringes and spatulas.

Nova dental instruments are manufactured using only the highest quality stainless steels to ensure top performance and long life. The result is a product of outstanding quality, produced to several ISO standards.

dent_02Quality craftsmanship at every stage of the manufacturing process

The lifecycle of every instrument produced is nothing short of a fascinating metamorphosis.

It starts with the delivery of the raw steel bars to the company's manufacturing plant; these bars are routinely checked for quality and consistency. They then pass through various CNC milling and turning machines – systems that are all programmed in-house – before being passed on for assembling and finishing. Somewhat surprisingly in a world where automation is the norm, this is performed by craftsmen. Such is their level of skill, it is these same craftsmen who in the days before the intorduction of CNC machines would have been responsible for creating every instrument by hand from scratch. The final stages involve annealing heat treatment, hardness testing, ultrasonic washing and laser marking, before being placed – again by hand – in any one of a wide variety of custom-designed boxes or blister packs. 

The Nova instrument range is a truly global brand. As well as being available within the UK, the range is also available via an exclusive dealer network in every continent.

With its team of trained craftsmen, quality materials, wide range, competitive prices and increasing global profile, there is a very bright future ahead with Nova!

Nova Instruments at a glancedent_01

  • Exceptional range of single and double-ended hand instruments
  • Excellent quality and service at very competitive prices
  • Meticulous attention to detail and stringent quality assurance – extensively tested and produced to ISO standards
  • Precision engineered by trained craftsmen
  • Mix of modern manufacturing techniques and traditional hand finishing
  • The highest quality stainless steels to ensure top performance and long life
  • Eliminate the need to use cheaper, lesser quality alternatives
  • Choice of hollow, round, octagonal and silicone handles
  • Other instruments include extraction forceps, elevators, tweezers, scissors, needle holders, clamps, hemostats, syringes and spatulas
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Truly global brand – available within the UK and via an expanding dealer network in every continent

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