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Mirror handles

New! An improved range of colours and tougher, more resilient composition.

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Our new and enhanced range of mirror handles feature improved materials, more tactile feel and a wider range of colours to choose from.

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Constructed from the finest quality stainless steel by experienced precision engineers, Nova instruments are made to exacting standards.

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Nova's outstanding range of products covers every need including diagnostics, restorative, endodontics, periodontal, surgical and more.

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Website update

As you may have noticed, the Nova site has undergone a comprehensive overhaul. Dealers will also have noticed that the DealerWeb area is currently unavailable - we are reviewing the best way to implement this in the future. If you need images or collateral for your promotions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

October 2014: New range of antimicrobial drawer liners

Our new range of antimicrobial drawer liners are the perfect solution to combating the spread of bacteria.

The patented Biomaster protection system uses silver as a natural antimicrobial agent so that when bacteria come into contact with the Biomaster protected surface,
silver ion technology prevents them from growing, producing energy and replicating. So they die.

Our new range is available in six configurations:

  • 405x305x85mm - Deep tray with 4 compartments
  • 405x305x85mm - Deep tray with 6 compartments
  • 405x305x22mm - Shallow tray with 4 compartments
  • 405x305x22mm - Shallow tray with 8 compartments
  • 405x305x22mm - Shallow tray with 12 compartments
  • 405x305x22mm - Shallow hand instrument rack

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